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NICIE Comments on the Independent Review of Education Report

The Council for Integrated Education welcomes the Independent Review of Education and commends the panel members for their dedication to bringing this review to Northern Ireland.

NICIE is in agreement with the Panel’s call for financial investment and collaborative strategic planning for education in Northern Ireland.

In particular, NICIE welcomes a key recommendation under single system and structure to promote learners learning together. The panel suggests that all learners at all stages should have the opportunity to learn alongside individuals from other communities and backgrounds in the same classroom. Recommendations include increasing the number of Integrated schools or jointly managed community schools, highlighting that all families should have such options within realistic travelling distance as soon as possible.

NICIE CEO Roisin Marshall pictured with Dr Keir Bloomer, Chairperson of the Independent Review Panel at the launch of the report.

A further recommendation is a proposed reconfiguration of the network of schools to create 177 new or reconfigured jointly managed community schools. The panel has said that all schools should take steps to ensure a greater mix of religious backgrounds in their pupil population.

NICIE agrees with the panel that if these recommendations were implemented it would make a meaningful improvement in the level of community mixing in schools.

We will now take some time to work with our stakeholders; Principals, Staff, Governors, parents and pupils in the Integrated schools as well as our educational partners to examine the report in full and the opportunities presented within it for Integrated Education.

We are hopeful that the recommendations in this report will deliver the best opportunities for all our children and young people and our education workforce.

To access the report launched today click here.

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