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Bias Busting animation WINS an IDI (Institute of Designers in Ireland) award!

We at the Council for Integrated Education have been privileged to work with Whitenoise for a while now, on our new branding as well as the amazing work on our Bias Busting resources.

For the Bias Busting resources one of the challenges was to create engaging animations to promote Integrated Education and get teachers and the general public alike engaged with it. You can see both animations (as well as related resources) at this page: 

I think all will agree that the animations are fantastic, and not surprisingly won an IDI (Institute of Designers in Ireland) award in the Motion Design category in November 2022.

You can read more about the award at the IDI website here:

Mark Case and Adam Smyth (Company Directors at Whitenoise) as well as Ryan Drayne (Digital Artist at Whitenoise) called into our offices to show off the award earlier this month.


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